Our Vision

D-Heart biomedical start-up was founded in 2015 thanks to the work of Nicolò Briante and Niccolò Maurizi, at the time two young students in the interdisciplinary environment of the Almo Collegio Borromeo of Pavia. Maurizi is a young doctor researcher in cardiology at the University of Florence. When he was sixteen, Maurizi was hit by a myocardial infarction. He decided to became a doctor and transform his problem into an opportunity. Thanks to the help and business expertise of his roommate, Briante, they created D-Heart, the first smartphone ECG device that combines the usability required by the patient and reliability of the ECG wanted by the doctor.

What limited the diffusion of homecare ECG devices up to now, was that to obtain reliable information for the doctors, cumbersome and unfriendly devices had to be used. Particularly, challenging cable uncoiling and the placement of electrodes in specific points were the main challenges. D-Heart, thanks to its innovative yet easy proprietary technology, solves both these problems: the user can wind up all the cables at once, or one at a time, and in any order, with intuitive positioning given by the cable exit direction from the device.

D-Heart app also shows the patient’s own chest with electrodes placed to aid further simplicity and reliability. The result is to have a device as reliable as the one present in your doctor’s office always with you ready to be simply used. The user can rely on the 24/7 tele-cardiology service to get results quickly from our trusted cardiologists. The device comes in a protective case with a wireless charging station. Everything from the device, app and packaging is designed and share the same design principle that reflects the D-Heart brand: simplicity meets reliability.

D-Heart has won 9 competitions in various fields, from healthcare innovation awards to Start up competitions. As a matter of fact, players such as Vodafone Foundation (Think for Social competition March 2016), BNP Paribas Cardiff (Best Solution for healthcare insurances 2016), Berkeley University (Global Social Venture Competition 2017), Italian Society of Cardiology (Best Abstract 2017) have awarded and recognized the value of D Heart’s innovation.

Data is all about creating business value.
Move Data, Not People

Wearable devices like Fitbit® and Apple Watch® are affordable, widely available and extremely useful to track your level of physical activity. However, the main challenge to using wearable devices in healthcare is obtaining concrete medical conclusions from the data they collect, based on which doctor can plan relevant actions or reassure the patient.

In cardiology, multiple leads electrocardiogram (ECG) recording is the most simple, diffuse and cost-effective way to analyse the heart and detect irregularities that might lead to serious health problems such as a stroke or heart attack. Up to this moment however, traditional ECG recorders required intrusive skin preparation, professional fitting in the doctor's office and could not be used by individuals with no medical background. D-Heart has designed the world's first ECG device that is as reliable as hospital ECGs but it can be used anywhere by anyone with no medical background. Therefore, we are trying to re-invent the concept of medical device as something that enables the patient to acquire medical grade data anytime during his daily life.

In other word we believe that with D-Heart we are shaping the ultimate expression of personalized medicine by creating a device that allows the patient to be the responsible of his own care.

Moreover, having ubiquitous access to medical grade ECG data, D-Heart opens the possibility of acquiring an enormous amount of medically relevant data for a wide variety of individuals. Such massive amount of information, commonly referred as ‘Big Data’, open up lots of possibilities in the world of healthcare and cardiology by providing insights and information about detailed behaviour of the heart in different situations and environments.

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