The smallest and easiest 12 lead ECG in the world

Introducing D-Heart 12 lead The only CE cleared personal 12 lead ECG

One Device, 8 and 12 lead professional ECG


  • Hospital grade 8 and 12 lead portable ECG
  • Bluetooth connection with smartphones and tablets
  • Image processing guide to the correct electrodes placement
  • 24/7 Telecardiology service
  • Innovative cable uncoiling system
  • Report signed by our cardiologists
  • Time to record an ECG: 3 minutes
  • Weight less than 200 g
  • Wireless recharge
  • battery lenght > 8 hours

Advantages for the Health Professional

  • no bed needed, patient can just sit
  • Approved for use also by non-medical healthcare provider
  • App Updated to GDPR
  • Designed for a simple user experience by the user
  • Made in Italy, assistance within 24 hours
  • Hospital quality at half the price thanks to its innovative technology
  • Extreme portability, no more electrical sockets

How it works

12 Lead Tutorial

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